In Chapter one of Zechariah Came the word of the Lord. Zechariah, the son of Berechiah The son of Iddo the prophet did record Horses red, speckled and white, Stood among the myrtle trees by night A man riding upon a horse that was red, Standing in the bottom hath said, Through the earth, walk to and fro., Go forth, behold as you go. Bring back the report and you will know The earth sitteth still and is at rest. From the north, the south, the east and west The angel that communed with me There under the myrtle tree I am very sore displeased With the heathen that are at ease, My cities shall spread abroad, The lord will choose Jerusalem above all Then I lifted up mine eyes to the skies and saw four horns to my surprise The horns used, for Jerusalem to scatter. And, behold four carpenters to shatter They will fray the horns and cast them out Jerusalem is blessed, there is no doubt! I lifted up mine eyes again And behold, I see a man With a measuring line in his hand To measure Jerusalem, we donít require, The Lord will be a wall of fire. In the midst, the grand ole story The Lord in all his glory Flee from the land of the North Away from Babylon, come forth He that touches the apple of my eye Will know, Behold, the Lord is passing by Sing and rejoice, I come again, To choose Jerusalem, the master plan Be silent, O all flesh, before the Lord Zechariah, son of Berechiah did record He is raised up out of his holy habitation For Jerusalem, there will be a restoration Joshua, the High Priest of the Land And, Satan at his right hand Resisting him in every way Unto Satan, The Lord did say O Satan, I rebuke you In everything You say and do Jerusalem is my heartsí desire A brand, plucked out of the fire Joshua in filthy raiment clothed Of your iniquity, I have disposed Put a mitre on his head Walk in my ways I have said If you keep my charge Your boundaries Will enlarge Judge my house and my courts too Thatís what you can do I will give you places to walk And the words with which to talk Now, Joshua the High Priest, hear me And, the fellows that sit before thee They are men wondered at Before Joshua, where they sat My Servant, The Branch, I bring Behold, the new born King Before Joshua, I lay a stone Upon it, seven eyes, not alone Engraving, I will lay Inequity removed in one day Neighbor shall ye call every man Under the vine and fig tree throughout the land The angel came again that talked with me Waked me and said, what do you see Behold a candlestick all of gold Just like in the days of old With a bowl on top of it And seven candles thereon sit Two olive trees, to the left and right Fueling the lamps day and night O great mountain, become a plain Only the headstone will remain, Unto Zerubbabel, the word of the Lord And, I Zecharaih, did record Not by might or power do not boast But by my spirit, saith the Lord of Hosts I lifted up my eyes to see Behold, a flying roll passing over me 20 cubits and 10 cubits thereof In the sky, up above He said, this is the curse That goeth forth over the earth Bring it forth, saith the Lord of Hosts To the house of the thief, from coast to coast To him that swearth falsely by my name In the midst of his house, it will remain Then, the angel went forth and said Behold the talent of lead In the midst of the Ephah, a woman does sit And he cast the lid on top of it Then I lifted up my eyes to see There came out two women before me In their wings was the wind To the Ephah, they did descend They lifted the Ephah to the sky Between heaven and earth, they did fly Whither do they go I would like to know The angel that talked with me Said, It would be for all to see They will build her a house at Sinar It shall be established and set there. I turned and lifted my eyes to the sky And Behold, four chariots were passing by. Between two mountains made of brass Chariots with horses began to pass. First came a chariot with horses that were red Bringing a time of war, a time to dread. Second, came a chariot with horses black as night A time for sadness, a terrible sight Third, came a chariot with horses that were white A time for peace, a restful sight The fourth was drawn by horses gristle and bay Peace then war, will follow that day. What are these, I asked the Lord Are they for punishment, or reward. The black one will go to the North Bringing mourning as it goes forth Then, the white one will come Bringing peace to some Bringing peace after the sadness A time for peace and gladness. These that took the northern trail To quiet my spirit, they did not fail Make a crown of silver and gold Set it on the head of Joshua, Behold Tell him Branch is the name of the man. To build the Lordís temple, is his plan He will build a temple for the Lord And Zechariah the son of Iddo will record. When ye fasted and mourned for all to see Did ye fast and mourn even unto me Did ye not eat and drink unto your self The words of the Lord were very clear Cried the prophets, did you not hear? The Lord of Hosts does thus speak The following precepts you must keep Execute true judgment and mercy you must show And compassion for every brother you know Oppress not the widow of the fatherless The stranger and poor you must bless Imagine no evil against your brother, in your heart From these precepts, do not depart They refused to hearken and pulled away their shoulder Stopping their ears, they grew bolder Making their heart as an adormont stone Lest they should hear it was well known The Lord of hosts has sent the word In his spirit by the prophets to be heard The Lord will be desolate unable to use Where ever you go, where ever you choose No man can pass through or ever return The way of the Lord, you must learn For the land is desolate, you see The word of the Lord, the way it will be In that day, there shall be A fountain for Jerusalem, to see To the House of David it will flow For sin and uncleanliness it will go Idols and spirits unclean Cutoff, and no longer seen The father and mother that begat him, will cry Thou shalt not live, you must die. In the name of the Lord, you speak lies Then thrust him through to his surprise. The prophet ashamed of his vision Shall not wear rough garments, it was his decisioní I am the husbandman, he will say I am taught to keep cattle, every day What about these wounds in your hands I was wounded in the house of my friends Awake, O Sword, against my Shepherd The sheep shall be scatted was the word On the little ones, I will turn my hand This is my promise this is my plan In that day, two parts will die There they will fall, there they will like The third part will be left therein The third part will be purged of sin. Refined as silver and tried as gold Call on the name of the Lord, they are told I will hear them say The Lord is my God on this day Behold, the day of the Lord does come to be The spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee. I will gather all nations to fight Against Jerusalem with all their might Houses rifted, and women ravished as they go To afflict people, all they know Then, the Lord will go forth To fight the battle against the north His feet on the Mount of Olives will stand The divine place, the divine plan. The Mount of Olives shall cleave, And, a great valley, it will leave. Half to the North and half to the South Into the valley of the mountain ye shall flee And the Lord My God, shall come with thee It shall come to pass, in that day Not clear or dark come what may Known to the Lord, not day or night At evening time, it shall be light Living waters, from Jerusalem will go out Two branches will take a different route. One half toward the sea will flow One half toward the hinter sea will go In summer and winter it shall be Living waters for all to see The Lord shall be King over the Earth One Lord his name, a bountiful worth All the land will be turned to a plain No mountains will remain These that against Jerusalem had fought Will know it all come to naught With a plague they will be smitten None will escape, for it is written Their flesh will be consumed away While they stand on their feet, in that day. Their tongue in their mouth shall be consumed To this fate, they are doomed There will be among them turmoil Neighbor against neighbor, trouble will broil The wealth of the heathen, silver and gold Will be gathered in abundance untold A plague of horse, mule and camel will come Causing distress and grief for everyone The ones that worship the King will remain The ones that donít, will have no rain In that day, the bells of horses will ring Say Holiness unto the Lord, our King Every Pot will be Holiness unto the Lord Zechariah the Prophet, did record


1. I saw by night, behold, a man riding on a red horse under the myrtle trees a red horse speckled and white, walking to and fro. The earth sitteth still and is at rest...they helped me toward the affliction. COMMENTARY: GOD is not pleased with idleness, mentally, physically and spiritually. Sitting at home, doing nothing, doesn't get it. Visit the sick, help the poor, take car of the widow, be good to those without children. 2. I lifted up mine eyes and, behold, four horns...that scattered Jerusalem. COMMENTARY: What oppresses you? Are you oppressed by a bully at school, or at work or in the family, or in the neighborhood. Are you oppressed by a spirit...of jealously, selfishness, lust, fear, hopelessness, pride, greed, power? Are you oppressed by bad health, a handicap, old age, weakness? Are you oppressed by a mental problem, inability to read, reason, remember? David was oppressed by Absolom, Paul by the Jews. What oppresses you? 3. I lifted up mine eyes and behold, four carpenters....to frey the four horns. COMMENTARY:The tools of the carpenters will be faith, love, hope and prayer. Yes, pray for faith, love and hope. Give up and run away and, you will find yourself rooted out and defeated. If it is of God, nobody can do anything about it. Unrighteousness will defeat you. Rebuke that which is a sin. God will bless you and you will have the victory. 4. I lifted up mine eyes and, behold, a man with a measuring line...Whither goest thou...to measure Jerusalem..The angel went and met an angel and said...speak to this man...Jerusalem will be a town without walls...I will be a wall of fire and the glor[y in the midst. COMMENTARY: God will be a wall of fire for you. Hold your hands up. Look unto the Lord and his spirit will come in and dwell with you. YOu will find peace. Let him bless you. 5. I lifted up mine eyes and behold, Joshua, the hight priest, standing before the angel of the Lord...and Satan standing at his right side to resist him...The Lord rebuke thee...Is this not a branding iron plucked from the fire. COMMENTARY: Would you not like to be a branding iron, branding love upon those around you? Your spirit will bear witness to their spirit. Keep your mind on the Lord, lest you sink into the water. 6. Take away his garments...I will bring forth my BRANCH. In that day, ye shall call every man his neighbor...under the vine and under the fig tree. COMMENTARY: God reveals unto Zechariah...the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you have the spirit of the Lord, you will find yourself visiting the sick, helping the poor, loving everyone and everything. When you have not the spirit you will have fear, greed, lust, hatred. You will be known by your works. The BRANCH, Jesus Christ, born, lived upon the earth, was crucified, rose on the third day, assended to heaven and is at his father's side, will return again to rapture his people. Praise the Lord. 7. The angel came and woke me..."What do you see...I see a candlestick...what does it mean...not by might, not by power, but by my spirit..who are the mountains...you will become a plain. He will bring the headstone...who hath despised the day of small things. COMMENTARY: Paul says it is a spirit...We are not under the law. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law. We are not bound to say, "oh, I should not do that...or I should do that...The spirit will guide you, it will beckon you...it will reveal unto you the best thing to do... 8. The olive trees...what be these ...these are the anointed ones ...COMMENTARY: The pillars of the church. Who are they? They are all of you. 9. I lifted up mine eyes, and behold, a flying roll...it is a curse for those that swear falsely in my name. it will enter into the house of the thief and liar and consume the pillars...COMMENTARY: Be happy to know you are blessed with the spirit of truith. The Syrian Army asks Elisha, Where is Dothan? Elisha answers, " This is not Dothan. I will show you Dothan." Or, rememeber when Laban askes Rachael where his idol statues were? What about David stealing Saul's sword, or, when the rooster told on Peter. Truth is not always what meets the eye, but, we do know what is lying and what is stealing, don't we. James says, "If it is wrong and you know it is wrong, it is a sin." 10. I lifted up mine eyes, and behold,an ephod...a woman...wickedness...They carry her to Schinar...COMMENTARY: Is there something you would like to put in the pot and sent it to Babylon? 11. I see a chariot, red horses white grizzled mountains of brass...These are the four spirits that go forth from standing before the Lord...The ones of the north quieted my spirit...COMMENTARY: Are the spirits envy, strife, glutttonness, jealousy, selfishness, greed, fear, sadness. They charge at you. with faith, love, hpe and prayer, they will pass right on by. 12. COMMENTARY: Hold your hands up, and lift your eyes and behold, the spirit of the Lord enters into your vessel. With the Lord, all things are possible. The spirit will help you now, and forever more. Praise the Lord!