I was born on July 12, 1944 in our old house on Main Street in Caretta, West Virginia. This mining town was owned first by The Virginia Pocahontas Coal Co., later by the Carter Coal Co. and then Consolidation Coal Co. Their No. 254 mine was a slope into the Sewell seam, and No. 261 mine was a shaft down to the War Creek seam. Finally Caretta was an Olga Coal Company operation, who finally closed the Caretta coal mines in 1982. However, in the 21st Century there was a somewhat small truck mine coal loader at the lower end of Caretta. And, around 2015, a completely new prep plant replaced the old one. Caretta, West Virginia, in the fourties and fifties, was the home location of several hundred families. The 'company' owned everything. The houses were rented. Everyone knew their neighbor. It was friendly. The men worked in the coal mines as buggy operators, continuous miner operators, pinning machines, mechanics, electricians. The women were 'housewives' cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children. Life was full of happy days, and sad days. Tragedy in the coal mines, strikes, a new car, war, it was all continuously unfolding. Children being born, marriages, off to the military, college. It was all there day by day. There was smoking, drinking, cursing, chewing tobacco, fights, card games, church, family reunions, vacation, sickness, death.... a lesson in character... a molding of character. Working in the coalmines made you 'hard'. You had to be alert, intelligent. If not, it would cost you your life. Love of God, love of country, industrious, brave. Caretta was a good place to live. I am from Caretta, West Virginia. I live in Caretta today. lifetime of loved ones. "Hey, how ye doin'? Nice to see you." My father Rollie Quesenberry was a coal miner. My mother, June Quesenberry was a house wife. My mother anf father had four boys: The oldest David, the next to oldest Terry, Me Larry, and the youngest Tim. The family name has a German origin. The original name Von Quentenberg can be translated into "of the crested mountain". Quest being crested, berg being mountain. This seems to be derived from the region of the snowcapped Harz Mountains of Germany where the family lived. Von Questenberg or Questenberg seems to be the German version of the name. The English versions were Questenbury and Questenberry. As mentioned, Thomas could not read or write upon his arrival in the U.S. When asked his name for immigration records, he pronounced the name with the silent "t".


June Quesenberry
June Vinton Dalton: Born to Maggie and Ernest Vinton Dalton June 1, 1918. Married Rollie Winfred Quesenberry 1910-1973 and had 4 children: David, Terry, Larry and Timothy.
My mother, June Quesenberry, What a miracle. She passed on Septeber 27, 2017. It is not possible to put into words, what ninty-nine years of life expressed, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. A love of life, a love of family, a love of Jesus Christ. In her later days, it would not be possible to say anything about Mom, without mentioning Timmy. He took care of her. "What did you say, Mom?" "OK." Praise God for June Quesenberry, my mother, and Timothy Quesenberry, my brother. Terry and Carol, and Tiffany and Tonya were also very helpful. Thank you, Lord. Lord, let me live long enough to help my mother, in her last days. I will be forever grateful....Larry.

Rollie Quesenberry

Rollie Winfred Quesenberry Born on 16 Jan 1910 to George W Quesenberry and Lillie Cora Quesenberry. Rollie Winfred married June Vinton Dalton and had 4 children. He passed away on 16 May 1973. Parents: George W Quesenberry 1869-1921 Lillie Cora Quesenberry 1874-1953 Spouse: June Vinton Dalton Born June 1, 1918 My dad, Rollie Quesenberry, what a man. I have always had the greatest respect for my dad. He was a good 'father'. He was born, in a wooden, log house, down on 'Greezy Creek'(up a few hundred yards, on a hill. I have been to the location, out past the cemetary where Leeander Quesenberry is buried. There is not a trace of it now.) He had three brothers, Shafter, Wateman, and Velt, and five sisters, Woodie, Rachael, Maddie, Garnett and Helen(also, one that died at birth). Dad spoke of the old home place ofteh. He said that he remembered sleeping in the loft, and snow would cover his blanket, and a glass of water would freeze beside his bed. He told about riding to the mill on a horse carrying corn to be turned, and a yellow dog that could throw a bull by catching it by the nose, and a horse walking over a frozen field without sinking in the snow. Shafter, it was told, rode a bucking horse until his nose would bleed. And, once, when one of the family came home from the army, George, dad's father, dug under a chopping block where my dad had busted wood for years, and pulled up a gallon of moonshine whiskey. When he was eleven years old, Eb Beckner shot Geroge off of him, while he was beating him up, and killed him. He was placed on trial; but, was not sentenced to any time in jail. And, there they were Code and nine children, left to carry on. They ended up moving away, most to West Virginia to work in the coal mines. It was told that dad rode a horse into a house and shot coffee cups off of the table and had to go off to Kentucky (to avoid punishment?) He stayed with relatives and worked in the tobacco fields. He got sick with tyfoid fever and nearly died. When they placed peas and gravey on the table, he would get sick, every time and have to get up. Someone was building a coffin, and dad hollered, "You can quit making that coffin, I am going to live. The man laughed, "Well, this is not for you." He later came to McDowell County, Caretta, West Virginia and started to work in the coal mines. You had to be a baseball player, to get a job with Carter Coal Company. He worked on the tipple as the boss. If you did something he didn't like, he would beat you with his fists. He later married June Dalton, and brought his mother, and two sisters Helen and Garnett to stay with him. Maddie and Seck were already there, and Shafter came at some point, also. Velt was there also? I believe. It was said that Velt sold the farm and made it so they had to leave. They all stayed mad at Velt and Pearl, for one reason or another.

Code Quesenberry

Lillie Cora Quesenberry Born in Floyd, Virginia, USA on 9 Sep 1874 to Cloyd Quesenberry and Rachel Churst. Lillie Cora married George W Quesenberry and had 10 children. She passed away on 21 May 1953 in Welch Mcdowell, West Virginia, USA. Parents : Cloyd Quesenberry 1850-1938 Rachel Churst 1853-1920 Spouse: George W Quesenberry 1869-1921 Virginia Elizabeth Odessa Quesenberry Dalton (1873 - 1943)* Lilly Cora Quesenberry Quesenberry (1875 - 1953) Susan Woodie Quesenberry Hollandsworth (1876 - 1969)* Lucinda Quesenberry Turman (1879 - 1921)* Calvin Price Quesenberry (1882 - 1971)* Earnest Wise Quesenberry (1885 - 1958)* Nora M Quesenberry Goad (1889 - 1940)* When I was eight years old, my dad picked up Wise walking along North Hill. My dad said, "You care for a drink?" He looked at the pint bottle and said, "Well, there is hardly a drink there." and guggled it down. He got in and I said, "Why are your eye brows so big?" My dad said, "Don't pay no mind to that kid. He is liable to say anything." I went with my dad and visited Collie at the home place below the cemetary. The chickens had roosted on the refrigerator and made a mess. I opened the door to the refrigerator, and it was the same way. I looked at my dad and said, "Do you reckon it would be ok to take a drink of that water?" My dad said, "You are the dummest kid. Do you think it hurt them?" I grabbed the dipper and took a long drink. It was told that Helen found Collie hiding out from the Armed Services authoratives for draft dodging. He offered to give Helen a dress for not telling. I was always amazed at how they lived. The windows stayed open, all year long, and Collie never took a bath. His ankles were scarred slick. Maggie Dalton found him dead years later.
Terry told the story... that once Dad was walking with his mother, 'Code', on the streets of War, and they passed a man that called her 'Granny'. My dad took her on to the car, went back to where the man was, and whipped him with his fists. You had better watch when you were around Rollie Quesenberry.
I remember Code well. I was out in the yard, five years old?, taking a bath in a number two tub, sqeezing a bar of ivory soap, and making it jump up through my fingers. Code picked up a garden hose and started frailing the daylights out of me. I was bewildered. Year later, it occured to me that it was because I was wasting the soap...probably.

George Quesenberry

George Quesenberry Birth: Oct. 17, 1869 Death: Sep. 3, 1921 Son of Asa R Quesenberry and Francis Jane Hollandsworth On Saturday night September 3, 1921 at Everett Hortons house, George's neighbor 36 year old Everett(Ebb) Beckner shot George to death. Later in a court trial Everett Beckner was found not Guilty.
The story was told that once George was carrying a stove down the road, met a passerby and carried on a conversation for a while, holding the stove on his back, and then continued to walk down the road. And once, he was planting beans and someone said, "Hey, George, you're planting them beans in the wrong sign." He replied, "You plant yours in the sign, I'll plant my in the ground." Helen said that they had plenty of beans that year." CHILDREN: 1 Lou Rilley Quesenberry 2 Margie Fay Quesenberry 3 Asa Waitman Quesenberry 4. Mattie Salone Quesenberry Marshall 5. Rachel Agnes Quesenberry 6. Velt Washington Quesenberry 7. Shafter Pearman Quesenberry 8. Rollie Winfred Quesenberry 9. Garnet Jane Quesenberry Kennedy 10. Helen Virgina Quesenberry Collier Family links: Parents: Asa R Quesenberry (1838 - 1916) Francis Jane Hollandsworth Quesenberry (1836 - 1925) Spouse: Lilly Cora Quesenberry Quesenberry (1875 - 1953)* Children: Lou Reley (Rilley) Quesenberry Moore (1892 - 1984)* Asa Waitman Quesenberry (1895 - 1923)* Mattie Salome Quesenberry Marshall (1900 - 1978)* Rachel Agnes Quesenberry Cox (1901 - 1975)* Rollie Winfred Quesenberry (1910 - 1973)* Helen Virginia Quesenberry Collier (1917 - 2013)* Siblings: Mary Adeline Quesenberry Buckner Spence (1858 - 1937)* James Thomas Quesenberry (1861 - 1944)* Alfred Walker Quesenberry (1865 - 1941)* John Jackson Quesenberry (1867 - 1931)* George Washington Quesenberry (1869 - 1921) William Henry Quesenberry (1872 - 1950)* Asa Leander Quesenberry (1874 - 1939)* Elbert Manual Quesenberry (1880 - 1962)* Sherman Prinston Quesenberry (1882 - 1952)* *Calculated relationship Note: Husband of Lilly Code Burial: Hoover Quesenberry Farm Cemetery Willis Floyd County Virginia, USA Maintained by: Victoria Taylor-True Originally Created by: Erika Quesenbery Record added: Oct 14, 2007 Find A Grave Memorial# 22194253

David Quesenberry
David Harland Quesenberry, 75, of Indian Valley, VA., passed away, Tuesday September 1, 2015. He was born in Caretta, WV on October 5, 1939. He served in the U.S. Marines, worked at Harvey Chevrolet in Radford, VA, and Graduated from Maryland University. a. David Harland Quesenberry, b 5 Oct 1939 Caretta, WVa, d 1 Sep 2015 Va, bur Quesenberry Cem, m(1) 1 Sep 1965 . Arlington, Va to Bonnie Patricia Rose, b ca 1944 Washington DC, d/o Carl William Rose and Ruth Ann Wilson. David . and Bonnie div 20 May 1981 Broward Co, Fla. David m(2) 24 Jul 1981 Broward Co, Fla to Sherri Ann Simpson. . David and Sherri div 24 Jan 1985. David m(2) 5 Nov 1988 Radford to Janet Faye Branscome Cox, b 1957 Carroll Co, He is survived by his son, David Rollie Quesenberry; daughter, Kellie Mccallister; mother, June Quesenberry; grandsons, Ayden Quesenberry, Hunter Mccallister; granddaughters, Shiloh Baker, Kaitlyn Baker; brothers, Terry Quesenberry (Carol), Larry Quesenberry, Tim Quesenberry; nieces, Tiffany Jones (Doug), Tonya Quesenberry, Raegon Kotsko (Jude); former wife, Alex Priakos. David Quesenberry, my brother, he was my older brother. I have nothing but admiration and respect for my older brother. When we were young, he would let me run around with him and his friends. I knew all of them. That could be good and not so good considering they were all six years older. But, that was the way it was. He is now passed on. I miss him very much. We did many things together. There is no way to catalog it all. When he graduated from Big Creek, he and a lot of his friends joined the Marine Corps together: Glenn Carlock, Roger Gates, Joe Suphreto, Harold Shoun. David loved the Marine Corps. He was a good Marine. When he got out of the ‘Core’, he went to Concord for a while, and then went to Washington, D.C. I graduated from Big Creek in 1962, and Maurice Turman took me up there to stay with him to look for a job. David was there, Russell Shaw, and Donald Turman came and stayed there. Redeye Richardson stayed for a while and I remember , a boy named ‘Crandall’ was there. We later moved to Arlington and shared an apartment with Jimmy Rose. I left and joined the Army. David stayed on and started selling cars. He got married to Bonnie Rose. They had a daughter, Kellie. When I got out of the army, in 1966, I signed up to go to Concord, and David was there already, attending. He lived in an apartment, near Princeton, I would go over and visit. It was a good time. He later moved back to D.C., and went back to selling cars. ..and attending the Universidy of Maryland, where he eventually graduated with a degree in Business. From there, he went to Florida, and sold cars. In 1971, I married Terry Beavers and went down there, Ft. Lauderdale, and spent my honeymoon. They lived in a very 'ritzy' place, as I recall. Bonnie made us sleep in the floor, I guess she didn't want us to dirty her bed...or jealous? David got a divorce from Bonnie and later married Alex. He had one child, David Rollie. He divorced Alex eventually, and moved to Indian Valley, and bought Mama’s house. David worked as a car salesman for Harvey Chevrolet,and married ‘Janice’. He later divorced Janice and continued staying at Indian Valley, Mom and Tim lived beside him, in a trailer, in Indian Valley. He Worked on as a car salesman for Harvey Chevrolet until his death, September 7 2014. We all miss him very much.

David Rollie Quesenberry
David's son, David Rollie Quesenberry

Kellie McAllister
David's daughter Kellie McAllister

Terry Quesenberry
Terry Lou Quesenberry, b 1942 WVa, m 19 Jan 1970 Giles Co to Claire Louise Turner, b 1948 WVa, d/o Frank William Turner and Joan Auvil. Terry and his wife Carol, live in Bluefield, West Vriginia. Terry and Carol are very proud of his daughters Tiffany Jones, Tonya Quesenberry and Raegan Kotsko. My older brother, Terry, we go back to the beginning of our lives. He was eighteen months older than me. He will be 75 in the Fall. I am 73. In days of childhood, we lived up on Main Street, in Caretta, West Virginia. Dad worked in the coalmines, as a mechanic for Olga Coal Company. David was there. Tim was not yet born. We played together, basketball, football, kick the can, marbles, … it was all in fun. Fights, cursing, smoking cigarettes, Halloween, Christmas, walking from Mama’s to Walter Moore’s, throwing rocks, running from guard dogs, the bull “Ole Henry’. It was all in fun. Junior High School, Coalwood, football, number 00 … a trail of girlfriends, it all unfolded, no drama, things went pretty good. In High School, I had the misfortune to take a class with him from Mr. Perkins, the class was ‘history’. Terry was the class clown. He embarrassed me so much, that I made an ‘F’ and had to drop the class. I remember Mr. Perkens, with darkrimmed glasses and a shinny crew cut telling a student, “You are trying to be funny, but your face beat you to it.” He was from a small community below Bradshaw. Terry and David did so much that Mr. Turner treated me bad, and Dad would not let me borrow the car. Going past Cecil’s, “They met a ‘black lemosine that crowded them out of the road smacking a guard post, putting a dent in the 55 chevrolet…or, was it the 59? Anyway, he played football for Big Creek, when the team was forced to lay out a year because of them filing a charge against the state for playoff complaints filed by Big Creek High School. This was the era of Merill Gainer, and Carl Mams. Terry graduated in 59 and joined the Air Force. He was stationed in Japan, and later in Savannah Kansas, as a Medical Surgery Assistant. I wrote him a letter, when I was at Concord, telling him to come out and go to college. I said, “It is fun, go where you want, but, at Concord you have two brothers, me and David.” What do you know, he did! We roomed together… once from a woman named ‘Bondurant’ and another time from Mr. Alvis at Concord. Terry had several cars, and he was either blocking me from getting into the house, with a girl, or using the car. But, that was ok. We went many places together, the ‘Tilt’, fishing at Bluestone Dam, the race in Bristol, going home to visit Mom and Dad, It was all in fun.

Terry and Reagan
Terry and Reagan...the picture speaks for itself.

Tiffany Jones
Tiffany is married to Doug Jones and they have two children: Maggie and Turner. Tiffany teaches at Bluefield High School Doug is also a teacher for Mercer Coulnty.

Tonya Quesenberry

Tonya is a teacher at Bluefield Middle School

Reagan Kotsko

Kaegan lives with her husband also a doctor 'Jude, in Chesapeake, Virginia . Raegan delivers babies. for a living.

Larry Quesenberry
Larry Quesenberry…me… you might say, “I just didn’t get it. Since childhood, I really couldn’t accept that I …really am! This is me!... I would get scared thinking about it. This is really me. I just really couldn’t. .. And, as I observed myself, dealing with the world, my perception of me and the world around me did not coinside with what others perceived. They all seemed to have a good perception of themselves and the world around them.. As you go through the day, you are pulled into the reality of the world around you…. Trying to cope… and suddenly, you are brought into stark reality… you fall and hurt yourself, you get caught up in the game, if only I can do that, or …if only that would happen. You follow the carrot that dangles before you, the one that you just can’t seem to reach… moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, month,year by year. .. and you wake up seventy three years old, you can’’t see so well anymore, you can’t hear…. You fall down… you feel like lead. .. and your loved ones are going down too. One brother dies, another is having vision problems, and another is struggling to take care of your ninty-nine year old mother. I pray you will help, Lord Jesus. We all need help. Larry Quesenberry Tel. 304-875-2239 MOBEL TEL 304-308-4144 Big Creek High Schooi General Diploma 6-62 Concord College B.A. Psychology Radford University M.S. Guidance Grades K-12 Stock Clerk, National Rifle Association Washington, D.C. 5-62 I 5-63 Print Shop Operator,National Rifle Association, Washington, D.C. 5-63/5-66 U.S. Army For Knox, Kentucky, Ft Gordon, GA, Augsburg Germany Field Radio Repair Truck Driver 6-6718-67 6-68/ 8-69 Radford Army Arsenal Powder Plant, Assembly Worker Radford, Virginia 6-70 I 8-70 Olga Coal Company, Ventilation Worker, Construction Caretta, WV Drywall Mechanic Silver Springs, MD 9-70 6-71 Howard Johnson's Restaurant, Manager Trainee Wheaton, MD 8-71/12-72 Clifton Perkins State Mental Hospital, Rehabilitation Therapist Jessup, MD 8-7116-72 h McDowell County Board of Education, Teacher 41 Grade 8-72 I 6-74 McDowell County Board of Education, Teacher 6-8 grades Hemphill, WV 6-7411-75 Radford University Graduate Student 1-75 I 6-75 Giles County, Occupational Therapist for the Multiply Handicapped, Pearisburg, VA 8-75 I 6-76 McDowell County Counselor 9-12 grades East Welch High School Welch, WV 8-76 6-78 McDowell County Teacher sixth grade Caretta Elementary - Carefta,-----:- 8-78/4-79 Tazewel VA Teacher' Math 9-12 grades Pocahontas High School 8-79 16-81 79 Mercer County Counselor K-6 Lashmeet and Matoka Elementary 8-811 6-88 Mercer County Counselor K-6 Thorn Elementary School Princeton, WV 8-88/6-90 Patrick County Counselor K-8 Hardin Reynolds, Stuart, VA 8-90 /6-91 Patrick County Counselor K-8 Hardin Reynolds, Stuart, VA 8-9111-11 McDowell County Schools Counselor Grades K-8 . c. Larry Marty Quesenberry, b 1944 WVa, m 10 Jun 1972 Giles Co to Terri Lynn Beavers, b 1955 WVa, d/o Fredrick Gall Beavers and Virginia Elizabeth Smith.

Tim Quesenberry
Timmy, my younger brother, he is nine years younger. When I mentioned I was writing a family album, he said, “When it comes to me, put a question mark. I was always with health problems. And, in some respects it is true; but, not really. His childoood and early years must be considered quite normal and quite happy. Since we were all older there was a great deal that went on when we were not there. It was Mom, Dad and Tim for most ot the time. Tim excelled in school. He was very smart. He did better that all of us. When he graduated from Big Creek, he attended Concord College, taking a major in English. Due to health reasons, he dropped out. He said he developed an ear infection due to swimming at Concord, and this became very bad. He worked for the West Virginia Welfare department for a while. Tim continued to have health problems, After my Dad passed he continued to stay on with mom. From time to time, I lived close; but, I didn’t help very much. They seemed to get along very well. At some point, he and I lived together in an apartment in Bluefield, and he attended Bluefield State. I think he later dropped out and went back to stay with Mom. They moved to Indian Valley, where he bought a trailer. They stayed there up until February 2017. They moved to Bluefield, Virginia, where they now reside to this day. Tim has dedicated his life to helping mom. He is there right now. Praise God. Help them Jesus.

Lou Reley (Rilley) "Woodie" Quesenberry Moore
Birth: Jul. 28, 1892 Death: Jun. 13, 1984 Family links: Parents: George Washington Quesenberry (1869 - 1921) Lilly Cora Quesenberry Quesenberry (1875 - 1953) Spouse: James Walker Moore (1891 - 1975)* Children: Walter Washington Moore (1912 - 1989)* Clara Clementine Moore Marshall (1917 - 2002)* Lila May Moore Marshall (1919 - 2014)* Ferlin Hugh Moore (1923 - 1999)* Evans James Moore (1925 - 1985)* Sylvan Ervin Moore (1930 - 1999)* Siblings: Lou Reley (Rilley) Quesenberry Moore (1892 - 1984) Asa Waitman Quesenberry (1895 - 1923)* Mattie Salome Quesenberry Marshall (1900 - 1978)* Rachel Agnes Quesenberry Cox (1901 - 1975)* Rollie Winfred Quesenberry (1910 - 1973)* Helen Virginia Quesenberry Collier (1917 - 2013)* *Calculated relationship Burial: Marshall Cemetery Ocala Carroll County Virginia, USA Created by: Anonymous Record added: Aug 11, 2013 Find A Grave Memorial# 115265048

Code's Daughters
From left to right: Helen, Woodie, Garnet, Maddie, Rachael

Helen Collier
Helen Collier

Rachael Cox
Born in Carroll, Virginia, USA on 1901 to George W Quesenberry and Lillie Cora Quesenberry. Rachel married Hugh Cox and had 2 children. She passed away in Dugspur, Virginia, USA.

Maggie Dalton
Dora Hollandsworth was her mother Birth: Aug. 3, 1875 Death: Nov. 19, 1971 Dora Hollandsworth's Parents: William Craddock Hollandsworth (1835 - 1911) Julia Ann Phillips Hollandsworth (1838 - 1882) Spouse: Charlie Mack Turman (1872 - 1958)* Children: Harley Emmett Turman (1892 - 1979)* Lillie Anna Turman Dalton (1898 - 2000)* Mawyer Eldridge Turman (1910 - 1988)* Joseph Foster Turman (1912 - 1988)* McDonald Turman (1914 - 1999)* Siblings: John Clayton Hollandsworth (1860 - 1924)* Aaron Ross Hollandsworth (1862 - 1919)* Sarah Elizabeth Hollandsworth Phillips (1863 - 1948)* Virginia Victory Hollandsworth Montgomery (1864 - 1938)* William Grant Hollandsworth (1869 - 1941)* Julina Florence Hollandsworth Bond (1871 - 1930)* Eliza Aldora Hollandsworth Turman (1875 - 1971) J E Hollandsworth (1877 - 1879)* Sylvester Pierce Hollandsworth (1881 - 1963)* Tida Arizona Hollandsworth Phillips (1892 - 1978)*

Charlie Mack Turman Birth: Oct. 10, 1872 Death: Apr. 23, 1958 CHILDREN: 1 Harlie E TURMAN 2 Franklin TURMAN 18931 Franklin TURMAN 3 Maggie Frances TURMAN Dalton 18961 Maggie Frances TURMAN Dalton 4 Lille Anna TURMAN Dalton 5 John H TURMAN 19011 John H TURMAN 6 Sophie H TURMAN 19041 Sophie H TURMAN 7 William Paul TURMAN 19061 William Paul TURMAN 8 Maude Lee TURMAN Maude Lee TURMAN 9 Mawyer Eldridge Turman 10 Joseph Foster TURMAN 11 McDonald TURMAN Family links: Parents: John Preston Turman (1850 - 1915) Margaret Ann Hurst Turman (1854 - 1934) Spouse: Eliza Aldora Hollandsworth Turman (1875 - 1971) Children: Harley Emmett Turman (1892 - 1979)* Lillie Anna Turman Dalton (1898 - 2000)* Mawyer Eldridge Turman (1910 - 1988)* Joseph Foster Turman (1912 - 1988)* McDonald Turman (1914 - 1999)* Siblings: Charlie Mack Turman (1872 - 1958) Derias T. Turman (1875 - 1901)* Nancy Melissa Turman Phillips (1879 - 1961)* Mary Elizabeth Turman Duncan (1880 - 1964)* Rachel L. Turman (1885 - 1887)* Joseph C. Turman (1886 - 1890)* Oder Cassie Turman Quesenberry (1887 - 1982)* Rosella A. Turman (1889 - 1890)* George Washington Turman (1893 - 1968)* Susan Ona Turman Dickerson (1896 - 1994)* Miles Homer Turman (1898 - 1953)* Mittie Turman Allen (1900 - 1992)* *Calculated relationship Burial: Turman Family Cemetery Indian Valley Floyd County Virginia, USA Created by: Victoria Taylor-True Record added: Aug 09, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 74673559 *Calculated relationship Burial: Turman Family Cemetery Indian Valley Floyd County Virginia, USA Created by: Victoria Taylor-True Record added: Aug 09, 2011 Find A Grave Memorial# 74673619

Winnie and Mawyer Turman's Children

Connie, Judy, Brenda, Vickie, Donald and James
Some of my favorite cousins.

Grant Hollandsworth and Sued (Quesenberry) Hollandsworth...Code's Sister...Alma...Sued's sister was the mother of Elizabth Sutphin...woodrow Sutphin's wife...Ricie was Elizabeth's sister ...Doug Phillip's mother.

Dora, the sister of Grant was a Hollandsworth before she married.

Ernest Dalton

Ernest Vinton Dalton, 1893 - 1924 was the son of George Washington Dalton and Cordelia F. Hurst. He maried Maggie Frances Turman on October 20, 1917 She was the daughter of Charlie Mack Turman (Mack) and Eliza Aldora Hollandsworth (Dora). He was the postmaster of the post office in Indian valley. The children were June V.Quesenberry,Blanche Harris, Victor Dalton and Maywood Reece Ernest, the husband of Maggie Dalton, was my mother's father. He was the postmaster and a teacher. He ws in World War One, and I read a few notes that he had written on a small book. He was in the trenches , in France fighting the Germans. He talked about the bad conditions, and looking forward to getting a bath. Not long after he returned home, he died, leaving his wife Maggie with four children to raise. One could hardly imagine how difficult the circumstance.

Ernest Dalton, Maggie Dalton, Ernest's sister Clydie, and her husband High Quesenberry

This is a picture of Ernest Dalton, Maggie Dalton, Ernest's sister Clydie, and her husband High Quesenberry

Victor Dalton
Victor Dalton Born to Ernest and Maggie Dalton. . "Victor" . b 10 Sep 1921 Floyd Co, Va; d 22 Apr 2000 (SSDI 229-18-1575 Va), bur Capt George Quesenberry Cem, Indian Valley, . Floyd Co. . m Ivory Mae Thompson, b 11 Oct 1926 Carroll Co, d 13 Sep 2012 Pulaski (SSDI Va), bur Capt George Quesenberry Cem, . d/o Greenville Cornell Thompson and Inez Irena Graham. She was b 11 Oct acc to both her birth rec and SSDI, but 12 Oct . acc to the tombstone.

Victor and Ivory

Victor and Ivory

Sharon Rose
My cousin Sharon

Dempsy Dalton
My cousin Dempsey Dalton.

Maywood Reese
Daughter of Maggie and Ernest Dalton. She was married to Willie Reese. Her children were Faye, Earl and Gelia.

Gelia Phillips

My cousin Gelia Phillips. She is married to Nelson Phillips.

The Dalton Family

Written on the back of this photo... by whom? front row L-R Aunt Clydie Charles Hylton (Dad) Rosa May Dalton (Mamma) Kermit, Leslie back row L-R Ernest (June's Dad)Lonnie (Beatrice's Dad) Aendd (Frankie's Dad)...Is this Arnold?

Marvin and Blanch Harris
Blanch was the daughter of maggie and Ernest Dalton. Their children were: Loy, Jay and Hugh.

Loy Harris
My cousin Loy Harris.

Hugh Harris
My cousin Hugh Harris. Married to Linda. The youngest child of Marvin and blanch Harris.

In this photo: 1st row - T. (Taswell) R.C. 'Cloyd' Quesenberry, Susan W. Quesenberry (married W. Grant Hollandsworth), Nora M. Quesenberry Goad, Rachel C. Hurst Quesenberry; 2nd Row - 'Buck' Quesenberry, Virginia Elizabeth Odessa 'Dess' Quesenberry, Lillie Cora Quesenberry Dalton and Lucinda Quesenberry Turman Taswell R. 'Cloyd' Quesenberry Gender: Male Birth: October 6, 1851 Death: September 28, 1938 (86) Immediate Family: Son of James P. Quesenberry and Euphemia M. Breeding Husband of Rachel C. Hurst Father of Susan Woodie Quesenberry; Lilly 'Cora' Quesenberry; Lucinda 'Lucy' Quesenberry; Earnest Wise Quesenberry; Calvin Price 'Buck' Quesenberry; Collie Ross Quesenberry; Virginia Elizabeth Odessa Quesenberry and Nora M. Quesenberry Brother of Charity Lucinda Quesenberry; Cassandra "Cassie" B. Quesenberry, Cloyd's sister. Maggie Dalton Shared one story with me about Cass (She is burried in the Quesenberry Cemetary). Maggie said that she wore riding pants the kind where the pants legs stuck out wide and the finest horse. She was down on the rive crossing, when the 'bolt' of cloth she was carrying, fell off into the river. She called out at some men below her and said, "Hey! Fetch that bolt of Cotten, ye old "He Devil." She also said that people laughed when she had visitors, she had nothing to fix, so she got a laying hen. They thought that was something. Cloyd and Rachael were the parents of Code, my grandmother. I was told that they took a covered Wagon to Texas. They did not like it and returned home. What if, they would have stayed? …a twist of fate. Sitting at the house, a black snake would crawl by and go into the basement. It must have not been the house below the cemetery, it had no basement. Cloyd, it was told by Maggie Dalton, would lay in the bed for days, with a cloth wrapped under his chin and around his head and holler for more liquer. Rachael, it was told, was hooked on codeine. Susan W. Quesenberry was called Sued by Code’s daughters. 2nd Row - 'Buck' Quesenberry, was called ‘Uncle Buck’. Virginia Elizabeth Odessa 'Dess' Quesenberry, Lillie Cora Quesenberry Dalton was Code’s Mother. And Lucinda Quesenberry Turman was the grandmother of Michael Turman. Cloyd’s father was James and Euphemia M. Breeding

Euphemia M. Breeding

, his wife, was a full-blooded Cherokee. We used to have a picture of her. She is buried on the right side of the road as you go up North Hill. Can you imagine, living on a farm in the early 1900’s in rural Virginia, Floyd and Carroll County. You would be born into a large family, with many aunts, uncles, cousins. There was no ‘running water, no electricity and no bathroom. You might go to the store once a month; you made most of what you wore, what you ate and what you worked with. You had to hold your breath when you went to the 'outside John', and, there were many different types of flies everywhere. You were closely tied to the farm. Chickens, cows, horses, dogs, cats, hogs, you knew them by name and you took care of them day and night. You woke up with the chickens; there was no alarm clock, maybe a clock. Relatives and neighbors had to help each other. There was a galvanized bond, with benevolence and love. It was a hard life, filled with suffering and tragedy. They had a ‘hearty’ life, and seemed to be happy. They laughed a lot, and, if you did wrong, they were very stern, persistent, dedicated to love, truth, honesty, and the love of God.